"Fully reviewed and my conclusion is that this [blog post] is pretty much perfect! Thanks very much for this Lucy." Jo Cross, Head of Consumer Marketing at TransferWise

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"With quality you only pay once. Lucy is a competent, skilled and knowledgeable writer. Lucy is not only a quality writer, she is smart. With many writers you tend to view their services as an expense. When you utilize Lucy's talents you immediately realize that her writing skills are not an expense; her skills are an investment. 

"Lucy possesses the unique ability to fully comprehend your project and then to add additional value through her research. Lucy can synthesize her writings into a coherent and professional web page.

"You've heard it everywhere, "Content is king".  Lucy transforms words beyond content. She creates information which will benefit your customers and, in turn, will proudly represent your company. In short, Lucy will create content that exceeds your expectations, is optimized for the search engines and is a pleasure to read."

Rod Aries, President, Jaclind Corporation, Puget Sound, WA, USA
Owner of 25,000+ active business and e-commerce web sites

"I’ve worked with Lucy for more than six years. She’s never missed a deadline and never been anything but reliable and professional. She’s turned copy around last minute and on quick deadline, helped me to manage other contributors, and been an important part of my editorial team. She’s also something of a renaissance woman, writer, editor, manager, and researcher all."

Kathleen Peddicord, Publisher, Live and Invest Overseas
"Lucy is one of the best editors I have worked with over the past decade. In every writing project, she provided me with clear directions, gave me plenty of notice, and followed up with welcome gentle reminders as deadlines approached. Her attention to detail is second to none. It's always a pleasure to work with Lucy and I look forward to collaborating with her again."

Lynn Mulvihill - Writer and editor

"Lucy edited my work for three years. I sometimes compared Lucy’s published version to the original, and saw that Lucy's changes invariably improved the product. What a comforting thought."

Paul Terhorst, retirement planning expert and author of Cashing In On The American Dream - How To Retire At 35.

"Ive worked with Lucy Culpepper for a number of years; both in her role as a managing editor for Overseas Retirement Letter, and as a contributing editor for several other publications specializing in living, traveling, investing or working abroad. As managing editor, she made our jobs (as writers) easy, with her organizational skills and detailed long-term planning. Lucy was one of those rare editors who can do significant editing without changing the character or voice of the writer. 

"As a writer, that same attention to detail resulted in essays, articles, and reports that were well-researched, with conclusions well-founded in facts from reliable sources. And of course her experience of living, working, and traveling around the world serves Lucy well when it comes to rich content and broad knowledge."

Lee Harrison - Editor, Overseas Property Alert and Latin America Correspondent for Live and Invest Overseas

"I was introduced to Lucy through a business partner. Lucy was highly recommended and that's how I would recommend her. When you hire Lucy all you have to do is tell her what you need and forget about it. You'll receive copywriting beyond your expectations. Lucy thoroughly researches all topics, writes compelling copy and over delivers. She's very professional, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. She's a joy to work with. Give her a try, just one project and you'll never go anywhere else."

Linda Kajda - E-book entrepreneur
"I had the pleasure of working with Lucy Culpepper when she was the managing editor on the Overseas Retirement Letter, a publication of Live and Invest Overseas. As a regular contributor to that publication, I had the opportunity to work with Lucy for several years. I found her to be a professional and extremely competent writer and editor, and working with her certainly made my job so much easier. Lucy freely shared her expertise with me, and that helped make me a better writer, too. I wholeheartedly recommend Lucy for your projects. She is an outstanding writer, editor and mentor."

Wendy Justice - Asia Correspondent for Live and Invest Overseas