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I'm Lucy Culpepper, the go-to virtual editor, marketing exec, copywriter and blogger behind CulpepperINK. I work with small- and medium-sized innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises in south-west England, especially in the Cotswolds region (see left). If you need marketing and copywriting support, but don't want to take on a big agency or full-time member of staff, give me a call or read more about CulpepperInk's services.

Don't miss an opportunity to get your business name out there simply because you don't have time to write a new entry on your blog or social media platform, or send an ad to a local event or publication. Leave it to CulpepperInk to leap to the rescue...

Apart from being a beautiful area in southern England that's great to live in, it's also where a whole host of vibrant, interesting, fast-moving, innovative, small- to medium-sized businesses are located,  all in need of marketing services from writing blogs, websites, and brochures to managing social media campaigns and ads!

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Are you a business owner in South West England with a bad case of marketing blues? Have you tried to write a blogpost, a Tweet, brochure or press release but find yourself staring at a blank page?

If you're lacking inspiration or you're up against a deadline, give me a call. I'll soothe your marketing brow and add a splash of colour to your copy - or black and white to your blank page!


Ditch the idea that you have to employ a full-time marketing person or hire an expensive agency to get your marketing projects completed.  We live in a world where 'virtual' is a now a by-word and small- to medium-sized companies have access to a vast choice of online professionals who don't take up office space or add to hefty overheads. Put my virtual marketing services to the test, and you'll see what I mean.

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